Bicycle Barista is a community, not a company. We are a Profit for Purpose Social Enterprise, focused on empowering entrepreneurship in the Specialty Coffee industry. Collectively, we strive to redefine the notion of a job. Bicycle Barista is a purveyor of happiness, a pedal-up business that always delights. It's a people business. Herein lies our not so secret formula of success:



Genuine warmth is contagious


Our mantra for hard work


Be a bit cheeky and can-do

DO Less:


Life owes you nothing, so get on with it


Make your own rules, create your own destiny


You have to make it happen
* Thanks to Guy Martin for your inspiration


5 reasons

Ongoing Support

At Bicycle Barista we put owners first, and this is more than a slogan. Support comes from a community of Barista's, each willing to share their knowledge and experience in a spirit of cooperation that is not often observed in the commercial world. Owners can also access our online support platform which features video training modules, Marketing & PR documentation as well as our regular Google Hangouts.


Work the hours you want. These can be long and hard, but it can also mean freedom. However, this kind of freedom requires self-discipline and an acute sense of responsibility. We are looking for people who are self-motivated, accountable and wish to be rewarded for their efforts.

Customer Service

Make no mistake Bicycle Barista is a service based business. Poor service and or the failure to deliver an amazing hand crafted cup of coffee will kill your business and our brand. It's that simple. We have a careful selection process, and every prospective owner must live up to our exacting standards. What this means is that for people with high standards, this is a place to be surrounded by others who share similar values.

Availability of Microfinance

Prospective owners can apply for up to 80% financing. We are not a bank, nor are we a charity so we do want our money back. That's why we spend so much time speaking with prospective owners, to ensure they have the best possible chance of success.

Alternate route to Ownership

If ownership is not for you, Bicycle Barista is very fortunate to have some amazing corporate partners who have engaged us to run their specialty coffee program. We have opportunities for entrepreneurial Barista's to join the team in exciting places like New York and Singapore. You get to be part of the same amazing community and perhaps even participate in our Barista exchange program. And if you ever decide you do want to own your own Bike, the transition is simple.

Barista's with great personal stories combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and sense of adventure. People that are actively seeking to disrupt the traditional notion of a job.

What really makes us special is our focus on developing you as a person and a professional. When you join the community, you come to learn and grow. You accept that nothing short of excellence will do. Pessimists need not apply. We respond to all.
Drop us a note so we can set aside a time for a chat. It's a chance to have a conversation and for you to ask questions.


A pedal-up coffee experience that always delights. Contact us to discover how we can add a big splash of happiness to your event. When you marry stunning industrial design with Social Innovation and true mobility, you create a story that inspires. We love events. Events enable us to showcase our passion for what we do and why we do it.

Additional benefits
  • Create a reason for a coffee break
  • Enhance the interaction of your guests
  • Coffee creates community and collaboration
  • Differentiate your event
  • Our founder, Tony Boatman can be booked to do an introductory keynote that gets your delegates in the mood. Inspiring, motivating, entertaining. Perfect for company kickoffs and planning meetings. Coffee is central to his story as a successful entrepreneur.

Responsible coffee


We are a profit for purpose organization. Our mission is to have a net positive impact on the environment and communities in which we operate, while operating profitably.


What really makes us special is our focus on developing people. When you join the team, you come to learn and grow. Our rather unconventional office also comes with built in health benefits.


It takes around 2 percent of the materials and energy used to make a car to manufacture a bike, and cycling produces zero pollution. We are working towards being a closed loop business, net carbon neutral with an ambition to be the most environmentally responsible business on the planet. We strive to give back more than we take.

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